Between the all too familiar bouts of heavy rain we have been treated with recently I can’t help but notice that spring is definitely on the way.

I am optimistically hoping for a scorching summer, and I hope my last article spurred you in to taking some ‘summer body’ fitness action?!

The previous nine fitness mission workouts are available below - unfit or super fit there is something there that can help you.

Whether your fitness plans aim to get you winning a ‘rear of the year’ award or you just want feel firmer around the bum and back of your legs - these exercises will help get you started.

Working the muscles at the back of the lower body is not just about getting a ‘peachy’ looking behind. The posterior leg and hip muscles help us run, jump and be more agile in lateral movements as well as improving knee, hip and ankle stability.

You cannot spot-reduce fat with exercise, but you can tone and build new muscle underneath it. Integrate these exercises with some of the other fitness mission whole body workouts once or twice a week, and you could be burning off fat and developing a healthy looking, firm physique really soon.

After only three weeks on a new exercise and healthy eating programme you can experience measurable results, if you try, change really can happen fast!

Check out these exercises on the online video tutorial below.

Remember - check with your G.P if you doubt your suitability to safely participate in any of the exercises shown and be reminded that you do so entirely at your own risk.

Try the exercises, check out the warm up and cool down videos - you have little to lose except maybe a few pounds and some body fat. Give it a try and prove me right – I’d love to hear some of your success stories when you are looking great in summer 2014. 

See you next month – Get fit and stay fit.

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