If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, we’re told, so it’s not surprising that people are suspicious of a place that offers free, unlimited health treatments.

Nuga Best in Bournemouth has nine all-in-one, state-of-the-art therapeutic medical beds which you can use as often as you like for free.

The list of medical conditions it claims can benefit includes back pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, arthritis, migraines and diabetes.

Although it has only been open for three-and-a-half months, there are already numerous case studies of people who claim to be “cured” of their various ailments.

Ken Howard, 81, of Bournemouth, who was plagued with health problems since 2007, says he is a new man. “I used to take eight painkillers a day and walk with a stick. Now I don’t take any painkillers and I don’t need my walking stick.”

There are also examples of people who no longer need their blood pressure tablets, or asthma medication, and one local hotelier who claims his cardiologist even cancelled his bypass surgery.

These are bold claims so I was curious to check out these so-called “miracle beds” for myself. After watching a short presentation and filling in a brief questionnaire, we are allocated a bed and offered a bottle of water and a box in which to store personal items.

The consultant shows you how to ease yourself into the correct position on your back, you are then covered with a blanket and she sets a programme which can be tailored to suit your particular requirements. There is also a hand held unit which you can place on an area you feel needs specific treatment.

Although there’s no soft lighting or background music, I found it surprisingly easy to relax once the rollers started massaging the muscles along my spine.

The idea is that it promotes natural healing through a combination of acupressure, massage, far infrared rays, anions (negative ions) and deep heat therapy (moxibustion).

Although it feels a little uncomfortable at times, it is one of the most effective massages I’ve had. All the niggling aches and pains in my neck and shoulders are eased away over the course of 40 minutes. I slept well that night too.

Even though the only way the business makes money is when someone buys a bed, there’s no obligation or pressure to purchase.

Owner Mike Peach, who has plans to open three more branches across the area, says the beds sell themselves.

“When I first heard about the business I thought it sounded too good to be true, then I discovered there were 6,000 Nuga Best houses operating in over 100 countries so I decided to look into it even though I have never been interested in alternative medicine. I couldn’t believe some of the testimonials I was hearing and it went from there.”

  •  For more information call 01202 292222 or visit nuga-best.co.uk