The Lady Boys of Bangkok proved to be a hit at the Pavilion theatre last night as the audience lapped up the energetic routines and glamorous routines that the troupe had to offer.

This year’s show entitled Carnival Queens, involved 16 male performers who in glitzy handmade costumes combined well choreographed dance routines and cabaret style theatre with a substantial amount of sillier, more risqué comedic scenes.

As the lady boys worked through the chart hits and musical numbers from their two-part show, the sense of fun was marked on the faces of audience members who appeared to be embracing the carnival atmosphere and the interaction that was encouraged. Those who are unsure of what to expect from Bangkok’s finest can expect to be entertained at the very least.

When the mood is as light-hearted and playful as this, it’s impossible to take yourself too seriously at Carnival Queens; a colourful and novel show that left this audience laughing, singing along and even dancing in the aisles.

Sarah Crawford