As the curtain rose on the performance of Peter Pan, my five year old daughter was mesmerised – and remained so for the next two and a half hours.

Swish of the Curtain Theatre School’s musical version of the J.M. Barrie classic at Bournemouth Pavilion was billed as an amateur production, but by the performances of the young talent that graced the stage it was hard to tell.

In the title role, Jake Howlett oozed boyish charm as he swung through the lavish sets, while Matthew Stockham reeked of pure villainy as nemesis Hook.

With great effects throughout, including all the soaring through the air you’d expect in a Peter Pan production, the impressive 70-strong cast galloped through a series of enchanting musical numbers as the plot unfolded.

Stand-out songs Never Land, The Lost Boys Gang, and Hook’s menacing When I Kill Peter Pan led to an exhilarating finale of impressive sword play between hero and villain before concluding with some outstanding effects in the air.

A simply magical production.