BOURNEMOUTH Little Theatre Club presented a quality production of Leslie Darbon’s Time to Kill clearly imbued with the stamp of Lee Tilson’s considered direction.

Well cast actors navigate themselves through this comedy turned drama investigating the darker side of an 80s housing estate, where friendship, marriage and even suicide are not all they seem.

Dawn Hollington gives a wonderfully satirical performance as intimidating estate housewife Jane Abbott, with excellent comedic timing, expression and inflection, while Trish Binding also comes across well giving a determined, driven performance as super sleuth Maggie Parkes.

Rebecca Christie is amusing as dizzy Lizzie Thomas, the classic neighbour who doesn’t think before she speaks, while Cathy Williamson is sweet and at times poignant as the local chemist’s wife Helen Francis. Meanwhile Brian Woolton smoothly handles the portrayal of Maggie’s textbook husband Don Parkes, and Karl Standing cuts his teeth well on the challenging role of local lothario Alan Sexton.

Impeccable sound, costumes and a meticulously thought out and decorated set leans a tangible sense of realism to the characters’ world – with a living room Laurence Llewelyn Bowen would be proud of. Theatre lovers, it’s worth a watch and runs until Saturday.