THE finals of the Showdown At The Sloop saw the winner walking away with £500. The finalists were local bands Jich, Law Makers, Jen and Berry's, Hot Lava Jave, Gehko, Kimari Raven, Constellation and Mobius Strip.

Hot Lava Java gave a solid performance despite it only being the third time they have played together. Lead singer Sarah Gover impressed, as any woman who can do a decent cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman should go far.

Constellation, a five piece indie band did a fantastic set and are well worth seeing live. Mobius Strip are another great band with one of the best drummers I have seen for a while.

The eventual winners Gehko produced a rousing set that had the crowd on their feet. The band members Rich Mead, Rowan Miles, Dave Rudge and Rich Kelly worked well together and were worthy winners.

The Showdown At The Sloop was a great way to showcase the local talent that Dorset should be very proud of, so look out for the next one.

Louise Vallis