THE 39 Steps is a farce adapted from the 1915 novel by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock. Patrick Barlow wrote the adaptation and the play calls for the entire film to be performed by a cast of four, plus two people as objects. One actor plays Richard Hannay (Sean Watts) while Rachel Cheeseman plays the three women in Hannay's life. All the other characters, heroes, villains, policemen, hotel keepers, men, women and much more are played by just two actors.

The timing was impeccable and performed exactly for the right effect, this takes enormous skill and technique which this company has in buckets. Everyone was excellent and I really could not pick out one performance over another. How Gareth Richards and Scot Sullivan managed to get each part they played completely separate was a sight to behold. I actually started to believe in each character even when my eyes told me it was the same person, quite a feat!

Hayley Tucker and Christopher Carr played doors, windows and moved furniture around with great aplomb and effect, never putting a foot wrong. The sound and lighting enhanced the whole performance.

I cannot stress what a wonderful night of entertainment this was and would implore you all to go and see it. It runs until Saturday and you will not be disappointed.