TO SAY Milton Jones is odd is to do the man a disservice. The Kew-born, madly-haired, brightly-shirted, award-winning surrealist comedian, above, is way beyond odd.

His imaginings and flights of fancy, all encapsulated into remarkably concise and pithy one-liners are sometimes off the radar for weirdness.

However, on tonight's Lion Whisperer tour he was being relatively normal; 'relatively' being the key word.

Here we had gently bonkers Milton observing things most of us don't notice and slanting them into his funny lines, such as “Similies: What are they like?”.

It’s all clever stuff, particularly the pauses, “I was bullied at school..." (audience “ahhhh”) “ pirates, you’re not really helping.”

The man who always brightens Mock The Week on TV hugely entertained a decent Pavilion audience, dealt cleverly, but not succinctly with particularly irritating heckler and showed himself to be a thoroughly nice chap.

It probably comes from his grandfather who, during the war when board games were banned, was a Yahtzee sympathiser.