Knights by name – jesters by nature. Best known for their comic send-ups of chart-topping pop groups in the sixties and seventies, the Barron Knights, unlike many of their targets, have just kept going with their tried and tested format, and are now celebrating 50 years in showbusiness.

The four piece band is led by vocalist and lead guitarist Pete Langford, who still gets the laughs for those irrepressible parodies, with such lines as ‘Birth Control to Ginger Tom’ to David Bowie’s Life On Mars.

There was a ‘tribute’ to Lady Camilla, aptly to the tune of one of Queen’s hits, but which probably says goodbye to their real knighthood chances.

A poignant poem to ageing described ‘feeling like a knackered car engine’, and the rubber remains of ‘Oh, You Inflatable Doll’, ends up as a fanbelt.

They can, of course, also play it perfectly straight, with their early musical influences including timeless numbers like Eddie Cochrane’s Summertime Blues, the Coaster’s Yakety Yak, and Everly Brother’s hits from Cathy’s Clown onwards.

And showing real class, Langford dazzled on Spanish guitar with the flamenco storming Malagena, and galloped away gloriously on electric with Rossini’s William Tell Overture. A splendid ‘Knights’ entertainment.