GREG Davies tells tall stories. Very tall stories.

When this stand-up stands up to his full height, he is 6ft 8ins of towering proportions.

You will most likely know Greg Davies from his comic turn as the psychotic head of sixth form, Mr Gilbert, in Channel 4’s The Inbetweeners, or maybe from his increasingly regular contributions to BBC panel shows.

Squeezed into the BIC’s small Lucullus room, it was as if the audience had arrived at Mr Gilbert’s school assembly.

It turned out to be the perfect setting as the giant comedian delivered the funniest show of the year so far.

The unlikely theme, Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog, became a metaphor for the naturally humorous and ridiculous things that happen in life.

As the show progressed Greg Davies broke this concept down into a chronological study of these defining moments in his life.

From being a long-limbed baby to school nicknames, they all provided him with fantastically funny material.

His experience of 13 years as a drama teacher filled most of the set, made even more potent by one of his ex-pupils sitting in the audience.

Despite his intimidating stature, Greg Davies is very likeable and has a big future in comedy. He even ended the show with a Q&A session and spent time chatting to fans afterwards. What a stand-up guy.