THE Correspondents have made quite a name for themselves at the forefront of the electro-swing scene. In fact, there seems to be very few like them.

In the last couple of years, the duo have been neatly comprising an ever growing list of festivals and appearances whilst constantly fine-tuning their sound.

The Correspondents appear onstage with a subdued Mr Bruce dressed in black robes. The early sombre introduction is soon interrupted by electro beats and the unveiling of a tight peacock feather effect suit complemented with a Tudor style ruff. It matches the dramatic charisma and spectacular dance moves of the front man.

The set and audience move smoothly along. Mr Chuckles mixes dance beats with big-band swing samples to create the sound.

Next up comes a combination that is extreme, even with Mr Chuckles’ talents. But an example of dubstep-swing offers as much fun and entertainment that the crowd has grown to expect. There are several drum and bass-swing moments before the crowd demand an encore by shaking the foundations of the venue.

The Correspondents remain the kings of electro-swing, they are on the way to reaching the top, but let’s hope that they will not have to stop, as these dandy chaps are doing just fine.