WHERE to begin with this extravaganza. The staging, lighting, back-projection, effects, makeup and costumes were all superb and were created by students and staff from AUCB courses.

The First Arabian Night - the Loves of Budur and Kamur is drawn from the collection of traditional Arabic folk tales which are collectively know as the stories of the One Thousand and One Nights which originate in what is known as the Islamic Golden Age.

The insert in the programme by Sean Aita, Director gives us a complete history of this play.

Every one of these third year students was excellent and it would be hard to single out anyone.

Almost everyone played multiple parts each of which were clearly defined and the audience was left in no doubt which part was being portrayed.

I cannot recommend highly enough that should you get a chance to see one these productions then go along because you will see the stars of the future, all will become professionals and quite deservedly so.

I feel I must just mention one or two performances that stood out for me and that is of Soane Latimer who played the Wazir 1 - his expressions were priceless and Sinead Harnett as Budur, who was excellent whether as herself or pretending to be a man.

All in all a super evening's entertainment.