Weymouth Bay Methodist Church

ONE Voice Choir aim to present around four productions every year in various venues in and around Weymouth and these modern church premises are justifiably a favourite with singers and audiences alike.

Subtitled The Very Best of The Musicals, the programme comprised a variety of popular songs from the shows ranging from Bohemian Rhapsody to extracts from My Fair Lady and an arrangement from Chicago’s And All That Jazz to Jai Ho from the film Slumdog Millionaire, creating a lighthearted concert certain to give pleasure to any audience.

Under the baton of musical director Grazina Ellis, the choir of around 34 singers harmonised beautifully as they made the most of the wide selection of musical styles, with four accompanists on piano. drums, guitar and saxophone, all of them of remarkable ability and style.

The rhythms of jazz played a big part during this colourful evening as soloist and gifted musician Trevor Whiting on saxophone and clarinet brought a piece of magic to the show with his performance of melodies by Jerome Kern.

The group are fortunate indeed to have more than 10 male singers and it was a pity that they did not increase their volume just a little in this concert as men are a rare commodity in most choirs and they bring a valuable rich harmony to choirs who are fortunate enough to have some baritones and basses.

Hostess Jacqui Trent introduced each song with an interesting anecdote that was a welcome additional dimension to the musical selections and enriched this enjoyable and colourful evening.

Two youthful guests, soloist singers Elizabeth Pawsey and James Newstead added their own personal touch in an easy listening concert that sent everyone home with a big smile.