DOC Haze and his crew are back, so its time for one of my favourite shows of the year.

No matter how many times I see the Circus of Horrors I never fail to have a great time and always leave already looking ahead to the next visit.

Tonight’s extravaganza is billed as a new show and although all of the old favourites are still present there is definitely a difference to the acts we see tonight.

The whole show seems faster paced than before, with a couple of the slower sections removed since last time and more action on the stage all at the same time.

The show starts as always with the Ringmaster himself taking to the stage to set the scene for what is to come, that being a collection of circus acts that display skills that have been entertaining people for hundreds of years.

Sword swallowing, fire eating, strong man, knife throwing, acrobats and just about everything else you can think of put in an appearance in a non-stop evening of skill, fun and athleticism driven along by a thumping soundtrack and Doc Haze’s running commentary.

It is called the Circus of Horrors, so there are a few bits supplied by the Mongolian Laughing Boy along with Captain Dan and his long-suffering hoover that are maybe not for kids, but apart from that it is just great fun.

It is also clear that underneath the music and fun lies a core of talent, with all of the acts displaying a level of skill that takes years to perfect. It's something that the performers do so well they make it look easy.

As expected this was another great night and one that I will be treating myself to again next time they are in town.

Allan Jones