IT TAKES a lot of courage to be a stand-up comedian as this lively lass brilliantly demonstrates during her premiere performance of her latest “rose tinted tour” to which she gives plenty of punch

It comes as no surprise to hear that she is sought after on radio and television chat-show programmes with her down-to earth opinions on everything from politicians, feminism and Brighton to sport, Sundays and swearing.

This is more than a comedy act, it is a hilarious autobiography interspersed with surprisingly thought provoking observations on the changing lifestyle around us and the complexity of human nature.

The audience laughter just keeps going as she relates to us her own story about what it is like to be shy, lacking in self-confidence and hard of hearing. Funny? Yes, it is the way Angela tells it, just as she makes us laugh as she tells us that she is now in her 40s, overweight and obsessed with chocolate.

A former nurse, she reminds us that in the good old days life could be boring, all the shops were closed on Sundays and women were “treated like pawns in a game of chess”.

She also brings her sparkling wit to even the most mundane subjects and somehow manages to say cheerful things about Brexit – now that makes her a comedy genius.

Her national tour continues until the end of June when she will be at Bridport Arts Centre where the fun just keeps going.