THE Supervet once again tugged at the heartstrings of hundreds of people as he welcomed them into his incredible world.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s first ever live stage show Welcome to My World was nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotions.

The first half of the show focused on Noel’s journey, from an Irish farm to building his dream – a state-of-the-art centre of care for our furry companions where miracles can happen every single day.

It was at the age of just 10 when Noel first realised he wanted to be a vet. He recalls a time when despite his best efforts, he lost two lambs as he rescued their mother from a drain on the farm.

It was this ‘failure’ (as he saw it) that inspired him to create his own vet hero - Vetman - who would solve all the problems of the animal world with bionic dust.

The audience was thrown into Noel’s world as he used spectacular visuals to showcase his innovative treatments – evening bringing a virtual theatre to life on stage.

In the second half of the show we are invited into his bionic bunker - where he reveals many of the secrets behind the inventions that have riveted millions of his TV viewers.

He reveals that it is fact the everyday life that inspires him in his work – like the time a lollipop lady gave him the answer to a problematic surgery he was facing.

It was here he recalls the life of Bella the Boxer and where the emotional side of his job really hits you. Bella came to Noel for ground-breaking surgery on her back leg but unfortunately a severe infection led to the decision of putting her to sleep.

As this heart-breaking clip was played to the audience, Noel himself struggled to keep it together on the stage.

Noel wanted to tell a story about love, hope and the unbreakable bond between animals and their families – and that’s exactly what he did. It left the audience on their feet, tears in their eyes (with myself and my partner no exception!)

Throughout his journey, Noel refers to advice given by one of his mentors: ‘Everything is impossible until it happens’. A motto he has lived his life by and will continue to do so.

Noel’s passion for what he does and the vision he has for the future is truly inspirational. His message is simple – to have a world where there is one medicine for humans and animals - and why can’t there be?

It was a truly inspirational, funny, informative and incredibly moving evening.