Corn Exchange, Dorchester

SONGS and stories about the Great War were the focus of the popular musical and singing duo of Chris Green and Sophie Matthews who sparkled with pride, passion and pain in their programme along with lots of laughter and levity.

Playing a multitude of instruments ranging from keyboard to English bagpipes, the attractive pair take the audience back 100 years when war was changing lives across the world.

Combining well known music hall songs of the day such as Keep the Home Fires Burning and Goodbyee, they also brought to life powerful wartime poetry by lesser known writers like May Wedderburn and Cecily Fox Smith which were set to music by composer Chris.

In typical British style, making fun of a serious subject was given an airing in the style of music hall artist Vesta Tilley who sang irreverently about tommies and the girls they had left behind while the comic act of George Robey was also staged by Chris.

A fascinating extra was film footage of the French town of Armentieres after it had been virtually destroyed by German troops and then later faithfully reconstructed after the war, an unexpected bonus in this emotionally charged tribute show performed by a remarkably talented double act which brought tears to the audience along with shouts of joy in a memorable musical medley that was original and unforgettable.