Weymouth Pavilion

THIS much loved film has been brought to the stage by young members of Weymouth Drama Club and a fine job they have made of this David Wood adaptation from Michelle Magorian’s novel of the same name.

Set during World War 2 when children were evacuated from London to the countryside to escape the German bombs, this Curtain Raisers production is full of music, action and drama as it tells the story of schoolboy William who is billeted with grumpy widower Tom and how they learn some of life’s valuable lessons from each other.

A large cast of around 40 youngsters make the most of the dramatic air-raids and upsets as well as youthful fun and games while the seriously abused William finds new friends and settles into a happy life. But this is wartime and nothing stays the same in a story that is also full of emotion and heartache.

Under the inspired direction of Gina Brown, the cast, headed by the talented Christopher Walker as Tom – the only adult in the production – brings energy and enthusiasm into the action that never misses a beat.

Amos Holland is William and his friends, played by Ben Norris as Zach, Solly Cimmino as George and Epp Bithell and Ruby Hedges as Carrie and Ginnie, are all in great form while Imogen Watson is amazing in her role of bringing to life Sammy, Uncle Tom’s faithful dog who is a nicely crafted full sized puppet pooch.

Full marks too for the set designers who enable scene changes to take place in seconds as the local library, the railway station, a cemetery and Uncle Tom’s home all rub shoulders with one another onstage with no trouble at all.

The final performance of Goodnight Mister Tom is at Weymouth Pavilion tonight at 7.30pm.

The next production by Weymouth Drama Club is Immaculate at the Warehouse Theatre from 13th to 15th December.