Dorchester Corn Exchange

A SOLO narrative performance of Shakespeare’s epic tragedy by actor Debs Newbold is a challenge not only for her but for her audiences as well as she relates this jaw-dropping drama with passion and energy.

The tale is of how the elderly King Lear decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters with disastrous consequences which lead to envy, greed and deathly retribution, a story that has a worrying similarity to modern political scenarios all around the world.

This is Shakespeare for our times, told in today’s language, angry, colourful and with the occasional witty aside. She sets the scene by describing the beautiful surroundings where the action takes place and as the plot develops, we discover the ambition and evil deeds of the men and women who reside there.

The occasional quote from the play along with some lively audience participation keep the pace flowing in which Lear learns a painful lesson about family friendship and loyalty. Always faithful to the original, Deb is a remarkable actress who, without props, scenery or other performers, brings a terrible tale to life in which she paints for the audience a dramatic portrait of power, revenge and pain.

Tonight, more drama comes to the Corn Exchange with Not About Heroes, a story of the friendship between poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, definitely not one to be missed.