Dorchester Corn Exchange

A BELGIAN beauty with a very lovely voice and a talent for singing songs she has composed herself – that is what the audience were treated to at a recent concert organised by Dorchester Arts.

So far, so good, the only trouble being that quite a bit of the music was unfamiliar to many of the listeners which made the evening a bit of a puzzle.

Advertised as a jazz singer, it came as a bit of surprise to hear Gabrielle’s soft tones and gentle pace which were rather at odds to the swing and zing that many music lovers would perhaps have expected to enjoy.

Her thoughtful songs, performed in both English and French, told of her affection for nature’s beauty and occasionally had a welcome South American tang to them along with much loved memories of Charles Asnavour and Edith Piaf.

Accompanied by a violinist, guitarist and double bass player, the chanteuse generously gave many opportunities for her musicians to display their own talents which were considerable, in particular the guitarist who was a star performer.

The stylish musical evening was just one of a number of shows coming to the Corn Exchange in the coming weeks, ranging from folk and pop to classical and even jazz.