Weymouth Pavilion

THE music of a pair of New York post war schoolfriends is still as much loved today as it has been for most of their lives and this touring tribute show pays gracious homage to them.

The two front men, Philip Murray Warson as Paul Simon and Charles Blyth as Art Garfunkel bring to life hit songs that we all know and love such as The Sound of Silence, Kathy’s Song and The Boxer which brought the pop world to its knees in the 1960s.

With a fine backing group led by Adam Smith, they tell the story of how the two men’s musical style gave class and colour to the pop culture of the day as they moved from folk to ballads, the familiar arrangements bringing back fond memories for an older generation.

A full video screen onstage adds to the atmosphere as it shows footage of events taking place at the time of their heyday, although vision is hampered by the group’s drum kit – incidentally played with remarkable skill by Mat Swales – and the choice of shots is less than perfect.

But the music more than makes up for any production flaws as the singing duo bring to life with their amazing harmonies the special sound of Paul Simon’s compositions such as Feelin’ Groovy and Mrs Robinson – while a brief encounter on screen of the film The Graduate was particularly enjoyed.

A surprise culmination of the show was their cheerful rendering of the Everly Brothers’ hit Bye Bye Love in a production that gave a tasteful tribute to a remarkable double act that is currently on an international tour.