Review by Louise Makey

LAST year Status Quo announced that they would be retiring from Electric shows due to Rick Parfitt's health, and the 2016 tour would be the last chance to see them loud.

Rick's untimely passing changed all that and they have plugged back in again and given the fans what they wanted. Supported by the amazing Cats in Space, the yearly winter tour was on.

The BIC was packed and the Quo chants were ringing out loud as the lights dimmed. From the second the first notes of Caroline rang out the atmosphere was charged. The Quo were back, loud, full of energy and outstandingly perfect. They don't rely on lots of stage gimmicks.

Francis Rossi, well what can you say? He still has it. The charm, the banter and, most importantly, the voice. He is still up there with the best guitarists around. He knows how to work a crowd - he had the audience laughing and hanging on his every word.

He warns us he's 'getting on' then goes headfirst into Paper Plane, loud and heavy. The solo start to Whatever You Want is nothing short of perfection and you can see why he alone can fill a venue.

The nod to Rick was there with the classic Don't Drive My Car with Andy Bown and Rhino ensuring the vocals were covered well.

Andy Bown is on keyboard ,where he has been since the early 80's, and is now providing vocals on some of Ricks old songs. Andy is involved a lot more and you get to see what a versatile musician he is.

Rhino Edwards is the bass powerhouse at the heart of the band, and he also is covering Rick's vocals comfortably. Richey Malone fills the guitar place like he has been there a decade.

It was a setlist packed full of solid hits - I don't think there was anyone in the crowd not singing along. The medley included the old favourites - Just Supposing, Down the Dustpipe, the sublime Wild Side of Life, Railroad and Again and Again. In the Army now was slightly haunting and still sounded good.

Rocking All Over the World is still as good as the first time they played it. The latest line up has really invigorated the sound and style of the Quo whilst retaining everything that made them the best at what they do. I am sure Francis and the boys will be playing the winter show at the BIC for many years to come.