As part of the hugely enjoyable Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival, these two feature-length films are sensational.

Both movies are controversial, informative, and dramatically thought-provoking, and should be compulsory viewing on the National Curriculum in this country ... and across the world.

Bikes V Cars depicts a new global crisis consuming our planet. One of the film’s most telling scenes features traffic in Brazil – where a cyclist is killed by a motorist every single week – with a huge car transporter in gridlocked traffic looking down on a packed human commemoration for a white-bike “ghost cyclist”.

I am both a motorist and a cyclist, although even at home in Barton-on-Sea, I won’t use my bike now without a crash helmet, hi-viz jacket, and lights, for fear of increasingly congested roads and dangerous impatient drivers.

A Plastic Ocean opens with idyllic underwater footage of our beautiful blue oceans with their stunning natural creatures ... cutting to a dying whale disgorging the plastic sheeting which it had mistakenly swallowed.

We thought that we could use plastic once and happily throw it away with negligible impact on humans and animals – untrue!

Powerful images show scientists opening the bellies of dead animals, fish, birds and turtles ... to reveal grotesque collections of swallowed plastic pieces – up to 300, causing death by choking and drowning.

Try to catch both of these powerfully brilliant movies.