GARY Numan has been written off more times than a teenager’s first car and tonight he was unquestionably brilliant.

Bournemouth is the second date on a UK tour that is selling-out fast and you could feel the expectation in the air, which is no small feat for a dark and wet Monday night.

His latest offering, Savage (Songs from a Broken World) landed at number two on the UK album chart last month and made up the majority of the set-list. It’s vintage Numan and his most successful release in over 30 years.

Since first finding fame, the pioneering British artist has never quite received his proper dues. With a point to prove, it seems the time is right for him once more.

Opening with the heavy electronic strains of Ghost Nation, both floors of the O2 Academy were quickly quaking under the sonic assault on the senses.

It’s Gary Numan doing what he does best, taking you to the precipice and showing you glimpses of a dystopian world. The live show is tight and unrelenting with a backdrop of ominously, flickering video screens.

The new tracks Bed of Thorns, Mercy and When The World Comes Apart are utterly compelling and have bedded in with his rich back catalogue. While lead single, My Name Is Ruin is an anthem for doomsday is ever there was one.

When the big hits of the late-70s and 80s do finally come, it’s without warning or fanfare. Groundbreaking songs such as Down In The Park, Cars and Are ‘Friends’ Electric? have been rebooted for 2017 and fit effortlessly with the new album.

It’s a refreshing change to see such an established artist not relying heavily on his former glories. Such is the quality across the board that you feel he probably could have left them out and it still would have been a great show.

Numan himself is full of energy on stage and clearly enjoying himself. Gone is the slightly-awkward persona of his early career.

Despite tonight’s subject matter of disconnected societies and environmental disaster, there’s an unexpected warmth to the music. With chants of “Numan” throughout the night, his loyal fan base were here to celebrate and support the 59-year-old pop survivor.

The hour-and-a-half show never dipped in momentum once with Numan summing it up with the heartfelt emphasis on the line “this means everything to me” from Our ‘Friends’ Electric? during the encore.