A BLUSTERY Bournemouth greeted Micky Flanagan on the first night of his four-date run at the BIC, but a warm reception was waiting for him at a fully packed Windsor Hall.

Sauntering onto the stage with that typical cockney swagger, he soon noticed it’s not quite big enough to replicate his kitchen now that he’s ‘proper loaded’.

Something he asks us to accept early on so we can enjoy his clever mix of familiar reflection on his modest upbringing through to his bewilderment with the celebrity status that now surrounds him but still finds ridiculous.

An’ Another Fing aptly describes the show which spikes off at tangents from the pain of camping to the realisation he’s now of an age where he can relive his Poldark days on a Saga holiday. All of which centres around his efforts to convince his wife he’s justified in taking a gap year… sorry, a ‘year off’.

Flanagan is easily at his best reflecting on the simplicity of life ‘in my day’ compared to his current “old middle age” and loses a bit of rhythm when musing about TV shows such as Jeremy Kyle and Eat well for Less but all is forgiven for that cheeky smile.