After Wednesday's X-Factor show where all of last year’s finalists staked their claim for longevity, Saturday night saw Leona Lewis take to the BIC stage and show them all exactly what could be.

Leona has of course gone on to achieve everything that every talent show hopeful dreams of and ten years later she is still going strong and pulling in a near sold out crowd.

Whereas Wednesday was one big production number after another full of lights, pyro and dancers, tonight's show was a pretty stripped back basic affair by comparison. The band and backing singers did a great job in the background but everyone's attention was on Leona and the voice.

The show was split into four pieces with video sequences dividing each part. The material was a mixture of songs from her albums and a number of covers most of which worked really well although, in my opinion, Ava Maria did not quite hit the mark (but got a standing ovation, so what do I know!).

Highlights of the night included Bleeding Love, Roberta Flack's The First Time and the song that ended the night - Snow Patrol's Run.

The crowds on Wednesday and tonight both loved the entertainment on offer but the biggest difference is that Leona does have that really big soul/pop voice that should see her continuing to pack venues for the next ten years.