IT would be hard to top this wonderful new family show for sheer warmth, originality and character. Perfect for Christmas, this quaint winter tale from Angel Exit Theatre is set in the fictional Dorset village of Piddle under Puddle and is a welcome alternative to the familiar festive stories.

The plot sees the painfully shy Otto invited to the annual Christmas party hosted by chatty baker Maggie. Otto would love to go, but the sad fact is he’s just too shy.

Then one day a cheeky robin flies in through Otto’s window and changes his life forever. Filled with festive cheer and fun songs, Otto and the Robin is a magical tale of making friends and overcoming our fears.

The star of the show though is a beautiful handmade puppet of the robin (by Polly Beestone). Throughout the performance, the two-person cast interacted with the young audience and moved freely around the studio theatre.

Coupled with an original soundtrack and songs played by Otto on his banjo (composed by Angel Exit regular Tom Ball), and stunning charming design by Sarah Dicks, the entire production was a treat for parents and children alike.

: Otto and the Robin runs at the Lighthouse until December 24.