Tonight is the last date of an 111-show run for Stewart Lee, during which he’s been showcasing ‘work in progress’ material for the forthcoming third series of his BAFTA-winning BBC Two show, Comedy Vehicle.

This of course means two things. Firstly, that the esoteric trails of comic thoughts that feature throughout have been finely honed (and indeed, already recorded for TV) by this point. And secondly, that you’d be forgiven for thinking that you haven’t missed out through non-attendance, given the material’s imminent airing on the small screen.

But you’d be dead wrong on that second point, because tonight is a brilliant chance to revel in Lee’s expert comic timing, surreal storytelling and sardonic wit. There’s also plenty of his carefully planned faux-contempt for the audience, which endures as a smart (rather than tired) way to engage with the crowd.

That said, you do get the impression that an early dressing down of an interjecting audience member is entirely real and spontaneous. In fact, Lee’s reaction to the American-style ‘whoops’ that follow is even better, gleaning an early highlight that’s peppered with belly laughs from around the Pavilion.

As he explains, he hasn’t spent 25 years doing this to be whooped at; you can leave that for the panel show comics that inspire his (seemingly sincere) disdain.