OUT of the shadow proved to be a visually stunning show on Friday night at Lighthouse in Poole.

The 10-strong group of dancers from the company Nobulus pulled off some amazing moves, starting the show completely covered in black and working together to create some amazing shapes of animals, vehicles, fruit machines, all sorts for the sake of the story.

The storyline started with the dawn of time and followed the evolution to modern man in some amazing dance sequences.

The narrative then followed a man as he fell in love and then became an analogy for man destroying the planet, chasing money in his career and chopping down all the trees, almost losing the girl in the process.

The timing of the dancing and choreography to stay in time with the detailed soundtrack was impeccable and the cast showed off amazing moves with breakdancing, ballet and body popping.

When the story turns to an apocalyptic future and war and fighting took hold the slow motion action sequences were fantastically done.

And the almost full theatre was on its feet to give a deserved standing ovation at the end.