The Illusionists – BIC

IN the age of television and Britain’s Got Talent-esque performances, it gets harder and harder to truly ‘wow’. The Illusionists, however, certainly give it their darnedest shot.

These magicians specialise in mind reading, levitation, escapology and close magic and are undoubtedly a talented bunch. With a seemingly endless parade of mind tickling tricks to suit the whole family, their performance is slick and contemporary with more than a few tips of the hat to great magicians of the past.

The Illusionists present more than a few of the old greats, sawing a lady in half, escapes from padlocked water-logged tanks and appearances seemingly from nowhere, which are highly entertaining to watch but perhaps lacking in true originality owing to their familiarity.

There are also several instances of brilliance. In particular the ‘Anti Conjuror’, Dan Sperry, lives up to his motto ‘magic no longer sucks’. Performing captivating tricks with an edgy, dark humour, sharp, involuntary intakes of breath are unavoidable when watching this magician in the act. For those not already familiar with ‘The Inventor’ Kevin James’ performance on America’s Got Talent, his presentation of a man ‘truly’ sawn in half cannot fail to impress in the flesh.

Interest piqued? Catch them at their upcoming dates in Plymouth, Portsmouth and London October 9 – 12.