James Patterson, author of the highly popular Middle School series, has produced this new comedy Treasure Hunters... and it's hilarious.

The four Kidd kids (there’s a lot of kidding in this book) find themselves alone on a damaged boat in the middle of the high seas. Their dad has vanished during a violent storm and they need to find an ancient artefact to pay off gangsters who’ve kidnapped their mum. Unfortunately, the evil ‘Nathan Collier Treasure Extractors’, made up of pirates, karate girls and a dodgy dealer, are after the same artefact.

The plot is exciting and unpredictable and the writing is really funny – as are the pictures, supposedly by the 12-year-old character Beck Kidd. When Beck herself goes missing, her twin brother Bick takes over, scribbling stick men images under the warning: “Pictures below kindergarten art level'.”

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and I’d recommend it to all children who like a laugh (which is most of us!)