EVERYONE knows the story of Jekyll and Hyde and I did wonder, having seen numerous films, how would it transfer to the stage.

In Rachael Cheeseman’s excellent production it did so very well.

This team of actors did their director and the script proud. There was not one weak character in the 12 strong cast.

Beverley Beck in the small but necessary role of Mrs Poole gave an assured performance as did Richard Facer, Scott Sullivan, Saffron Wills and Amy Towler.

Will Butcher as Mr Enfield spoke a little too quickly to be completely understood but as the Police Inspector came into his own.

Gerry Carroll as Sir Danvers Carew gave a believable performance and Alan Colclough as Mr Utterson was assured and always in control as was Gareth Richards as Dr H K Lanyon.

Elizabeth Jelkes (Tallulah Webb) showed the vulnerability of the hapless girl who falls in love with the evil Hyde.

Grant James Mace gave us a quiet and seemingly in control Dr Jekyll who is unable to control Hyde. This was an excellent performance.

However, the outstanding performance of the evening came from Sean Beaumont as Edward Hyde.

He scared me several times during the evening and played the part to perfection. Both these parts were exceptional and their facial expressions second to none.