TWINKLE, twinkle little stars, all brought smiles to ma’s and pa’s, in quite the most joyous outpouring of youthful enthusiasm.

The synopsis involved three Greek mythological stories with the Gods of Olympus, performed by pupils from Montacute School, attempting to entertain the Chief of Gods Zeus (John Billington) glaring down from on high.

The audience chant of "bring on the Gods" worked a treat, and we were treated to a spectacular routine with music by David Jackson of Van der Graaf Generator fame (also playing saxophones) and colleague Judge Smith as wordsmith.

Orion, delightfully performed by pupils of Talbot Combined School with their scary scorpion was followed by Andromeda, beautifully danced, from pupils of Hillbourne and Montacute Schools with a brilliant sea monster.

The story of Helios in his sun chariot was superbly performed by pupils of Turlin Moor Community School, Baden-Powell and St. Peter’s CE School.

The list of credits could fill a page but I must mention Director Peter Talman, Music Director David Norton, Choreographer Irene Notley plus the BSO’s Community Musician Andy Baker amongst the fine group of musicians, and many people backstage.

This was not only an education in mythology and astronomy but one that showed today’s youth at their sparkling, hardworking best-the future looks good.