CELEBRATING its 35th anniversary this year, The Snowman is the soundtrack to everyone’s Christmas.

Next week the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra will bring this cherished magical animation to life, under the baton of guest conductor Hugh Brunt.

The festive programme which takes place at the Lighthouse, Poole on Tuesday, will also feature a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, narrated by Cbeebies presenter Pui Fan Lee.

Here the popular children’s TV presenter talks to The Guide about her life in the arts.

“I started when I was quite young. At the age of 13 I joined a small group called The Central Television Workshop which was a drama group based in Nottingham.

“I was really very lucky because that TV group was sponsored by the local TV station. It meant that when TV shows were being made and they needed a kid, we got the chance to audition.

“So I was a really lucky kid, being a child who had never taken part in any drama at all or anything at school, I was literally plucked from the street to be part of this little group and then I was lucky enough to be on telly when I was a kid.

“So that sort of started the journey. Then I went through school as normal doing lots of little shows and everything and in the end I decided that I was going to go to drama school. I did actually go to Lamda when I was 18 and there we have it.”

Pui has certainly had a varied career. One of her quirkiest roles was playing Po in the Teletubbies.

“That was definitely one of the most surprising jobs I ever took on,” she laughs. “I wouldn’t say that it was the most challenging artistic role, in terms of drama after three years of doing my classical training at drama school to be in a red furry costume running over hills.

“But it was a job I took on not knowing the consequences of that show and how big it would be globally and historically. So in terms of amazing surprise, that has got to be one of them.”

But working with the world-class Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has proved to be one of Pui’s career highlights.

“I’ve actually got quite a connection with Bournemouth in that my co-presenter Chris Jarvis (pictured below) lived there for the last decade or so, he just moved to be closer to his parents.

“So I have spent a lot of time in Bournemouth and we’ve worked at the Bournemouth Pavilion a few times. I love Bournemouth!

“Last year I worked with the BSO at Lighthouse, Poole and oh my goodness it was a lovely experience. They were a really fantastic company to work with and I’m really looking forward to working with them again this Christmas.”

Pui says she is looking forward to introducing The Snowman again too.

“There will be a lovely young treble who comes and sings along with the orchestra. In terms of memorable, when the young person comes to join in during that part of the concert and story, I’m sorry we’re all in tears. It’s the most joyous parts of the story when he flies though the air.”

Pui also reveals what she finds most enchanting about the story The Nutcracker.

“There are two things. The music itself, the Nutcracker Suite, I didn’t realise I was so familiar with it because you hear it all your life, with different sections on TV ads and everywhere. And the story itself is completely nuts and crackers all at the same time.

“It’s a very old story and yet it’s magical, fantastic and new, as well as being as modern as some of the newer fantasies that hear around at the moment.”

But Pui says she used to have a very limited relationship with classical music before the BSO.

“However, over the last few years doing these concerts at Christmas, I’ve found this whole new love of classical music. The first time I sat on the stage with the orchestra a few years ago, honestly, I thought my whole world had opened up.

“It was just incredible and so humbling and overwhelming. I just feel like I’ve opened up a whole new section in my being. I hear things differently now, I never used to hear all of the different instruments and everything.

“I feel like I’ve learnt a new language, well I haven’t learnt it yet I’m just scratching the surface here.

“But I have a lot of love for music and I hope that will be the same for lots of the young people who come to the concert. Hopefully they will have the same experience I’ve had.”

n There will be two performances of the BSO's festive spectacular on Tuesday, December 19 at 3pm and 7pm. To book, visit bsolive.com or call 01202 280000.