Ace Banana (Oasis Games)

I don't know whether this is supposed to be a horrific pun on Ace Ventura. If so, whomever is responsible should boil their head in fish paste. Anyway, Ace Banana is essentially an entry-level VR game that should appeal to young-uns. It's your job to fire jolly arrows at idiotic monkeys hell bent on nicking off with your wobbling anthropomorphic bananas.

You also get to fiddle about with banana husbandry, which is more than a little bit peculiar.

Simple and great fun, but not why I spent 350 on a VR headset, I must admit

Pixel Gear (Oasis Games)

If you've ever strapped into Pixel Gun on your phone or tablet you'll be right at home with this puppy.

Arenas, guns and waves of cute baddies to take down. There's not a whole lot of meat to it, with only a few areas and weapons, plus no ability to wield a second firearm, which seems a mistake.

Almost like a preview of the full game to come at a later date but pretty good while it lasts.

Weeping Doll (Oasis Games)

This is more like it. Desperate housekeeper runs around a creepy house trying to find its missing inhabitants while being scared witless by a sobbing toy. The immersive element is the spot where VR developers should be tickling and horror titles are ripe for this.

But while there's a lot to fancy about Weeping Doll, it's a shame the dialogue is horribly stilted; the voiceover artist playing the housekeeper is particularly horrendous.

And apart from gathering a silly amount of keys, the thrills don't amount to much, and the less said about the ending the better.

Robinson: The Journey (Crytek)

Jurassic Park! Sort of.

Astronaut fellow crash-lands of planet of terrible lizards, tries to get by with helpful hints from floating techno-eye.

That's what we have with Robinson: The Journey, and very pretty it is too. Shame, then, that there's no clear direction to follow.

This is not so much of an issue early on where all you want to do is explore the lush scenery and slap a Diplodocus about.

But when you want to crack on, there's little in the way of guidance, some of the puzzles are baffling and the controls can be infuriating, especially when climbing a sheer cliff.