Lara's second rebooted instalment finally makes it to the PS4 a year after its debut on Xbox One, and in doing so splashes about with all its DLC for good measure.

Rise has Lara in suitably emotionally tattered form. She's following in the footsteps of her father's failed expedition to find the secret to eternal life. But the poor girl still seems pretty cut up about daddy's death. Maybe finding his dream will ease her pain, hmmm? Well that's not how these tales work but Rise gives Lara suitable baggage that matters, giving the gamer that all-important reason to become invested in the story. Indeed, the baddies are also given generous reason for their pursuit.

The arrangement is similar to 2013's first reboot. Lara scampers along a reasonably managed path, finds a fire, upgrades some stuff and ploughs on to the next one. This time she's given added impetus in the shape of translating the area's scriptures. Finding bits and bobs hidden about will improve her knowledge, allowing her to unlock more juicy bits.

The impossible feats of archaeological exploration that one has become used to in the Uncharted series, along with Lara's previous story, are as physics-defying as ever and leaping from finger-hold to slippy death shaft is exhilarating as hell.

The DLC is decent if nothing earth-shattering: Baba Yaga has Lara find a small girl who leads her to witchy matters; Cold Darkness Awakened offers solid zombie fun; and Blood Ties and Lara's Nightmare consists of an inheritance tug-of-war with Lara's nasty uncle which unearths some treasured memories of the past. Nice character-fleshing stuff all-round, really.

PS4 owners burnt by having to wait 12 months for this Lara sequel should set aside whatever personal irritation they may have with Square Enix over its exclusivity deal and bring Croft back into their lives. Calm down, it's only a game, and a bloody fine one.