I've been trying to get my eight-year-old daughter into console gaming for ages. She used to mess about in Minecraft until the skeletons scared her, and occasionally we'll fly around in Lego Avengers, driving cars into the sea to watch them explode. But I've yet to hit on anything that really shakes forth the dormant gaming monster that I'm sure lies within her.

Until last week when I threw her a microphone and suggested we holler competitively at the television.

Now I can hold a tune, but I wasn't prepared for just how much gusto an eight-year-old can muster when confronted with a radio-friendly pop song with its horrendous accompanying video. I won the first two rounds but was then battered heavily by my angrily-competitive progeny's superior knowledge of Murs and Lovato. It probably didn't help my cause that my opponent was singing at me two inches away from my face using her most twisted cross look.

It's simple stuff. The tune comes on (one of 30 to choose from), the words pop up at pitch-dependent heights and your voice emerges as a wavy little squiggle chasing after each note. The more the squiggle stays within the words, the more points you rack up.

And at the end your daughter laughs in your face at your attempt to 'Whip Nae Nae', whatever the bloody hell that is.

Being soundly thrashed has never been more enjoyable.