I know Adam Jenson is more machine than man here (like a less Sithy Vader, really) but he does look like an advertisement for Just for Men.

That's some unnaturally dark hair right there, Adam.

And he hasn't lightened up any since we last had the pleasure. The Deus Ex series has little time for comic interludes; life is damned serious and everyone has a damned serious role to play.

I suppose Adam hasn't had much to laugh about, considering how few of his original bodyparts remain. Helpfully DEMD offers a lengthy catch-up just in case you'd forgotten this fact. I'm not sure it needed to be quite so comprehensive but it's certainly a valuable run-down on the world of augmented humans and their effect on social values. Think X-Men meets Robocop with more placard-waving.

Once this featurette runs its course we're greeting by the game's first issue, namely some plain awful voice acting from Jenson's boss Jim Miller and fellow agent MacReady. It doesn't help that the lip-syncing is all over the shop but to have these amateur dramatics rejects bibble and snarl through an admittedly shonky script makes losing oneself in the game very difficult indeed.

If you're a Deus Ex fanatic, these things are probably easily forgivable, such is the history of the series. If you're here for cybernetic funtimes in a dystopian future, however, you're gravy.

Mankind Divided goes full-on choice-affected-storyline and also offers the opportunity to sneak your way through proceedings or just plough through the middle, guns smoking. Adam's new robotic bits often mean deactivating some other quite useful augmented parts - there's no obvious correct choice and that's just how Square Enix want the game played. It makes for a fine tailor-made experience.

But whether I lost the main thread of the plot or I simply just didn't care, a few hours into Mankind Divided I misplaced any desire to further the cause. Elements do become repetitive but the lack of a main protagonist leaves the game a little aimless. Some of the morally testing choices on offer are terrific but on the whole there isn't a main thread on which to balance Jenson's actions.

At least he has nice hair, I suppose