I'm crusty enough to remember the first time this title did the rounds in the late 90s, when festooning your car windscreen with a pedestrian's insides was a particularly edgy thing for software to deliver.

These days if your racing sim offers anything less than the possibility of fatality or limb loss you're an embarrassment to the genre.

Max Damage takes the view that updating the near-two decade old formula is the wrong option, focusing instead on an attempt to appease the retro gaming enthusiast who fancies nothing more than pootling around in pointy vehicles which bite their thumbs at physics and remind you just how much times have moved on.

That's not say there aren't base-level guffaws to be had, particularly if you remember just how naughty the original was for its time. It's nice to mow down people for no reason, and crocking your opponent's car until it blows to smithereens gives one a lovely warm feeling. The selection of vehicles isn't too shabby for a title of this nature, either.

But with some horrible loading times and long drives on very open maps wondering where the hell the constant carnage is hiding, there's just far too much boredom in a game that promises quite the opposite.