So no one in their right mind hated the latest Star Wars film, did they? And everyone likes Lego, yes? What's to hate?

Well Travellers Tales have been stapling the same formula to their Lego games for a wee while now. Coincidentally the only major variation on this was the Star Wars Clone Wars entry back in 2011 which featured large arenas peppered with giant guns and command units.

Recent DC and Marvel entries have looked tired, with the seemingly apologetic Avengers even lifting much of its roaming areas straight from its predecessor.

Happily, however, The Force Awakens has been subject to a bushel of tarting up and additions.

The story, while faithful to the film, has also been beefed up in areas, with Poe Dameron's rescue of Admiral Ackbar (featuring yet another dip in a trash compactor) featuring as a bonus, along with a spot of rathtar hunting. These are apparently canon as well, so it may be the only way Star Wars fans will experience these storylines. We also get to play through a variation of the RotJ confrontation scene, with Vader and Luke indulging in a little father-son bonding battling against the Emperor after Skywalker Junior wins over his bad dad with a scribbly portrait.

Firing-from-cover makes its debut, with players forced to duck and time their shots rather than ploughing like lunatics straight into First Order Stormtroopers. BB-8 also has no small part to play, with specific boosts and ball controls only accessible by the wee droid upstart.

Building has been tweaked, with multiple options available from just the one pile of bricks. It's a little more fiddly, but slapping creations together in the right order adds an extra, much needed dimension to the puzzle element.

As you'd expect there are a pot-load of characters on the rosta, many of whom I guarantee the casual Star Wars fan has never heard of (Ello Asty or Ilco Munica anyone?)

The constant niggle of the film soundtracks not gelling with Lego gameplay returns, though, albeit not in the way that it stained Avengers. Emotional film scenes fit Lego's goofy humour like a Death Star into a TIE fighter hanger. But there's no easy solution, admittedly.

The majority of The Force Awakens will be incredibly familiar to Lego gaming veterans, but there are just enough additions (plus added points for just being Star Wars) to make it seem more fresh than Travellers Tales' most recent titles. We're still in need of a formula overhaul, but there's no small amount of fun to be had here.