Calling all gamers! looking for something new to play this weekend? here are three of the best to download. 

Stranger of Sword City

PS Vita

STRANGER Of Sword City is the next step in the evolution of the traditional dungeon RPG genre.

Here you’ll find a heady combination of those three core elements of attraction for dungeon RPGs - character creation, conquering various dungeons, and dungeon crawling gameplay.

Newcomers, be warned though - the permadeath and save system will prove to be a challenging introduction to the genre for you, and it may be worth cutting your teeth on other titles before steaming into Sword City.

Old hands will be straight into their groove, though, finding a fair bit to enjoy in this title, which looks absolutely stunning and implements some successful twists on the genre’s well-worn game mechanics.

My Playhome Hospital


THE My Playhome series has become the doll’s house for the iPad generation, providing an incredibly intricate virtual playspace for small children to role play in home, school and shopping scenarios.

Now kids can add a hospital to this bundle, with another detailed bank of exploratory areas, from X-Ray rooms to baby delivery units, waiting rooms with coffee machines to balloon and soft toy stores.

The great thing about how My Playhome works is that each additional app you buy bolts on to those you have already, so you can expand your game playing area, building bigger and better stories with the dozens of characters and objects you can move from one app to the next.

It’s a brilliant role playing game for your little ones, and hugely underrated for it’s technical execution, too.

LOUD on Planet X


LOUD is a marvellous mash-up of a rhythm title, such as Rock Band, and tower defence offerings like Plants vs Zombies.

As a musical group abducted from its concert onto an alien planet, you take control to carefully tap to the beat of their tunes across four lanes of onrushing alien traffic.

Finding your groove quickly will keep the multi-eyed monsters at bay and when you’re fully in the zone you’ll find everything around you fading into the background as you become hypnotised by the musical challenge in front of you.

It’s a good looking title. All in all, a nice new take on the audio-driven app niche market.