On the face of it, Minecraft isn't the most obvious platform to tuck into Telltale's ever-expanding portfolio of decision-affected-gameplay titles.

And it took me a while to get into. I'm used to the stylised graphics of Borderlands and the Wolf Among Us, the serviceable pictures in the Walking Dead and even the downright crusty scribbles in Game of Thrones. Draping the Lego-on-steroids display of Minecraft over this format feels downright weird, akin to accidentally picking up an Etch-a-Sketch instead of your iPad.

But crack on with it and the simplistic humour, pleasant company of its likable characters and a decent storyline will put paid to any reservations.

Except, perhaps, if you're not a fan of Minecraft. I can't imagine anyone with a passing dislike or ambivalence of Microsoft's newest toy being won over by this. The in-jokes and presentation should put paid to that. The rest of us should be happy as a pig in... well Minecraft.

You are Jesse, a (for want of a better term) geek who keeps a pet pig and likes nothing better than building things with his/her (depending on your choice) equally geeky friends in an effort to get into EnderCon. Enormous evil, heroes, anti-heroes and giant cuboid heads follow at reckless speed.

Investing in TellTale's titles is usually easy, but Minecraft isn't anywhere near as emotionally involving as its previous work. Sure, you want Jesse to do well but he's no Clementine from the Walking Dead. Maybe it's the graphics.

Juicy for the Minecraft-initiated rather than TellTale-obsessed.