Science and cosmology doesn’t get any more dazzling and interesting than this – a wonderful journey through space and time orchestrated by Professor Brian Cox.

Forget the BBC TV series – this is like going on a personal space mission with Professor Cox.

Interspersed with influences from his own life and relating back to our everyday experiences, this show presents the life and history of the universe in a stunning graphical representation.

Joined by the enthusiasm and humour of the award wining comedian Robin Ince, the co-host of The Infinite Monkey Cage, the professor engages with the novice and professional alike to make this bewildering science accessible to all. The unusual double act added fun and interesting anecdotes into the cosmic mix.

The entire back wall became an arena displaying crystal clear, state-of-the-art graphics of stars, black holes and far away galaxies.

The imagery was gathered from the Hubble space telescope, ground based telescopes and space probes, all brought together to display the universe in its fantastic glory.

The very likeable and grounded professor demonstrated the unusual ability to both communicate and educate whilst enthralling a packed arena.

The show covers a fascinating section on space and time, using photos of his younger self and family members, he explains Einstein‘s theory of relativity and how it answers the fundamental questions of earth and creation. The section finishes off with an interesting audience question and answer session.

Brian Cox concludes the show with a note on our influence on the cosmos around us and how we need think hard about how we interact with it.

Gill Drennan