Business Digest: Businesses urged to 'prepare for the worst' as coronavirus spreads
Tuesday 24th March 2020 View in browser
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I think the most striking quote in our business pages in the past week was from Mark Cribb, founder of the Urban Guild venues.

“Nobody,” he said, “has a contingency plan for zero revenue.”

With thousands of businesses closed, many more struggling to trade and sole traders losing much of their work, there would be little point saying we should all be positive.

Amid all this gloom, though, there really are some positives. At the Daily Echo, we’ve been struck, not only by the many acts of individual and community kindness in the current crisis, but also by the spirit of support and cooperation that has been seen in business. The news may be worrying a lot of the time, but you don't stop reading - because you'll always find something heartening in there too.

Until next time, hang in there and stay safe


Darren Slade Darren Slade
Businesses urged to 'prepare for the worst' as coronavirus spreads

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