A DESIGNER is capturing the sound of people saying their loved one’s name – and turning it into jewellery.

The start-up Hark has been launched on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter with a limited run of 100 pendant necklaces to be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.

Funders will be able to download an app on their smartphone and record their voice saying the name of someone special.

Hark will use 3D design software to turn a visualisation of the sound wave into a heart or ring shape. A 3D printing specialist will then print the pendant in stainless steel.

The business was created by James McInerny, a 31-year-old designer who lived in Bournemouth. He created the first necklace after forgetting his and his girlfriend’s anniversary.

“I wanted to make it up to her with a really special gift but I couldn’t find anything personal enough. I decided to design the first Hark necklace and gave it as a birthday present. We decided to turn the idea into a business to give everyone the chance to make bespoke jewellery,” he said.

The necklaces will be sent to funders who pledge at least £42 via Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign is due to end today and had reached £1,700 of its £2,000 target as of yesterday evening.

Mr McInerny said: “When you buy someone a necklace you know there are thousands of others out there exactly the same. That’s why we’ve chosen a necklace for our first piece.”