SOME Dorset employers are missing out on the best job candidates because they are not paying enough to keep pace with rising salaries nationwide, it has been claimed.

Bournemouth-based recruitment consultant Jobshop UK says vacancies are rising but some businesses are out of touch with salary trends.

Frances Miles, director at Jobshop UK, said: “A new report by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has shown that both permanent and temporary placements have grown at the fastest rate for over two years, with a shortage of suitable job candidates leading to a rise in starting salaries across the UK.

“At Jobshop, we have seen a 50 per cent rise in the number of permanent vacancies in the last six months.

“However, the problem we are experiencing is that some companies aren’t in touch with growing market pay rates, nor appreciate how competitive the candidate market is and that the candidate shortage is worsening – and unless they offer competitive salaries to attract talent, they will lose out to those companies who do.

“Historically, this area has always offered lower salaries as people choose to work away from London for a better work/life balance, and this hasn’t changed much in the last 15 years,” she added.

“Couple that with the fact Dorset has the lowest unemployment rate, and you have a situation where employers really need to offer competitive salary packages to attract the best candidates.

“It’s not just about financial reward; it’s the benefits, incentives and company culture that a company offers that are essential to attracting and retaining that talent.”

The company has invested in software which enables its consultants to offer their clients a report comparing salary and benefits for anywhere in the UK for any job.

The data for the reports comes from employment advice consultancy Croner.

Frances Miles added: “Being able to compare, evaluate and set budgets for the coming year is essential for our clients.

“By using information from Croner, we are able to offer our clients up to date, unbiased data on salaries and benefits across thousands of roles in all industries and sectors nationwide.”