PERMISSION is being sought for a host of changes to the outdoor eating areas at the beachside Harry Ramsden restaurant in Bournemouth.

The chain has applied to BCP Council to carry out a series of work to the Undercliff Drive building, including upgrades to its terrace area.

It said the project would help it cater for the number of customers it is expecting this summer and to “meet the current climate of needs”.

The application proposes a raft of alterations and repairs to the restaurant building mainly focused on improving the capacity of its upper terrace and beach level areas.

Included in its plans is a new weather barrier and access point for the terrace alongside new awnings and an enclosed seating area.

The proposals for the lower ground floor include enclosing the arches to provide more seating and the enlargement of the ice cream kiosk.

“The overall work will enhance the appearance of the property and make this more inviting to the customers and is necessary to meet the current climate of the customer needs and maintaining these standards,” a statement submitted with the application says.

“The proposal will be in keeping with the character of the property and also incorporate the historic values and traditions of Harry Ramsden.”

It is the latest application submitted by a beachfront restaurant seeking to expand its outdoor offering ahead of an influx in visitors to the area expected this summer.

“Due to the number of customers projected during the coming year and the demand for a better customer experience it has been deemed that the terrace area will be improved and allow for better access to the restaurant,” the statement adds.

The application, which was submitted by Harry Ramsden parent company Deep Blue Restaurants, will be considered by BCP Council planning officers over the coming weeks.