DEADLY jellyfish have washed up along Bournemouth and Poole beaches over the weekend - with some saying they have been blown to shore by Hurricane Ophelia.

Several reports of the sea creatures, resembling Portuguese Man of War, have been made over the weekend, with sightings at Southbourne, Bournemouth and Poole as well as Swanage.

Although their stings are rarely fatal to humans, they can be painful.

Bournemouth mum of two, Kat Summers said: “It is a bit scary actually.

"My kids love going down the beach to play on the sand and collect shells and stones.

"Obviously when I’m with my children I’m watching them, but I think we have to be extra vigilant because they can be quite dangerous."

UK Coastguard also warned beachgoers to stay safe and not to handle the jellyfish.

Aimee Rampton, duty controller for the UK Coastguard said: “We are aware of these sightings after receiving multiple reports from members of the public yesterday and today.

"Until an accurate identification is made, members of the public are advised to keep away from these jellyfish and report any sighting to the their local council.

"The Coastguard has also advised the local councils of these recent sightings.

"Stings from Portuguese Man o War can be very painful and potentially harmful to humans and dogs alike."

A spokesperson for Bournemouth Tourism said: “They’re being collected and disposed of safely. We actually haven’t had many calls about them.”

One wildlife expert said the gas-filled bladder acts as a sail, with predictions more could be washed up in the next day.