IN response to Zoe Chapman’s excellent letter of May 14, “My generation unrepresented”, may I assure her that there are some of us “seniors” out there that do support the Navitus Bay wind farm proposal.

Whilst I did not attend this meeting I can say that a similar one I attended followed the same format with the speaker in support of the wind farm being heckled and shouted down from the audience who were nearly all of my age group.

My generation and those before have for many years enjoyed the benefits of fossil fuel energy sourced from our land but these are almost depleted so we are forced to buy from other countries the fuels we need.

It is sad to say that some of my generation, all for the sake of a view, any other arguments are mere conjecture, are prepared to continue with these arrangements rather than invest in new renewable technology for future generations.

Had our forefathers not had the insight and determination to do what was required for the future needs of this country, we would not be enjoying what we have today.

Hopefully those empowered with deciding on the way forward will also realise that we need to be bold in our planning for the years ahead so that our children and their children can enjoy renewable energy and are not burdened with rising fuel costs, which we have left them as a legacy.