ON the face of it, there’s little in the way of surprise most people can’t put a face to the name of the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill.

Or indeed that they don’t know what he does for his £70,000 paycheck.

The Electoral Reform Society, in a damning, though again not surprising, verdict on the elections last November said the voters and the candidates had been failed. Look a little deeper and you will find that Mr Underhill is not alone in lacking public profile.

If you conducted a survey in the street, the vast majority of respondents wouldn’t be able to name one of their numerous MEPs or what they do.

Or indeed explain how local health services are radically changing next month. Political apathy is widespread and growing.

That’s in large part the fault of politicians for many obvious reasons. But we are to blame as well. We get the representation we deserve.